How to Launch Your Kids in a World of Spiky Success
At a minimum, it’s going to be very important to teach your kids how to build an income from scratch. To invent their job by selling a service or creating a new product that they bring to market. The best way to prepare them for that, particularly if your personal experience is in the bureaucratic workplace, is to find them an entrepreneurial internship to teach them how to make money in the future, before they do anything else (go to college).

Esquemas y metodologías de trabajo II
Si creamos nuestras empresas para hacer RR.PP. como queremos, como creemos que deben hacerse. Entonces, nuestro objetivo número uno es hacer las mejores Relacionas Públicas que seamos capaces de hacer. Esto tendrá como consecuencia, ganar dinero con ello.

8 pointers for responding to negative coverage
Consejos para hacer frente a una cobertura negativa. Gestión de conflictos potenciales.